TRENDING: Hi-Tech Eco-Office Transcends Health & Mojo

Tuesday 30th Aug 2022

David Fenton, PPE CEO & Well-Being Expert & Eco Interior Designer chats about what's trending in eco-offices - joining up wellbeing and hi-tech.

David Fenton believes investing in home & office environments is necessary to create productive working environments, that save energy, improve well-being and reduce burn out etc without costing the earth (see what I did there?)

David Fenton shares 4 super innovative and inspiring hi-tech office accompaniments that do just that folks.

We explore the latest tech with all the greatest gismos folks with massive health benefits that you will just want to have…
1 - Cool Innovating Stand Up Desks
2 - Smart Air Monitoring & High Quality Silent Air Filtration
3- Cognitive Learning Through Esport Ergonomics
4 -Solar Energy Panels & Battery Renewables.

So why should you pay attention to this?

Post Covid, Business Leaders face many big challenges.
Firstly we all need to adjust to a new normal of workings along with associated health and wellbeing impacts right? Next up, we now have to deal rising costs, as well as energy and fuel price increases etc.
On top of this many Businesses desperately seek ways to attract their staff back to the workplace, along with some sort of productive hybrid working from home and office working.

So could hi-tech workplace and home-office environments be part of the solution here?

Well yes actually - David Fenton believes so!
He sees that part of the solution to these challenges means investing in home & office environments conducive to productive working, that save energy, improve well-being and reduce burn out etc.

Enter stage left the Hi-Tech Eco-Office folks, that deals effortlessly with meetings, workstation design, video conference calls, the latest high performance teamwork development, and live-streaming to customers all in a contemporary and modern atmosphere of inspiring interior design that promotes health, as well as an efficient and sustainable work environment that doesn’t cost the earth!

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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