The Art Of Ethical Social Selling

Tuesday 04th Jan 2022

I’m going to start with a headline - and it’s the notion that “what got us here in the past, won’t get us there anymore". The world is changing rapidly, and so we all must adapt to the new digital era!

In this new emerging economy there is a big-shift going on in leading the sales process. Today, sales successes is much more about motivating, influencing, persuading and engaging others using a broader package of informing skills based on strategic acumen, expertise, authenticity and soft skills. None of this may surprise you, but the fact of the matter is that doing this is harder than you think, and so we continue to trip over ourselves and that is why we need to truly understand this message at a deeper level.

Come and join us to explore…
What is social selling? What has it to do with Social Media? And is it more ethical than traditional selling?

*How can I sell to others if I do not like to intrude on others?
*What is the connection to thought leadership and becoming a subject expert
*What processes for lead generation, organic marketing and networking do we need to adopt and follow?
*Is cold calling, spamming and closing dead?

This and a whole lot more.
We can’t wait!
Be there or be square folks…

Leaders Live motto is utilising - I to the power of WE.

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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