Tell Imposter Syndrome to BEEP Right Off…

Tuesday 24th May 2022

I’ll be hanging out with… Dr Iain Price another regular guest and Leaders Live contributor

We’ll be chatting all about - Tell Imposter Syndrome to F**k Right Off…Iain trains, speaks with and coaches executives and teams to recapture confidence and control in their lives and ambitions. And he is a specialist expert in Neuroscience.

Actually we’re covering Imposter Syndrome again in by popular demand from our #LeadersLive community


Are you an imposter? Do you ever feel like a fraud? Are you ever worried about being ‘found out’? If you have said YES to any of these then you’re not alone!

Here’s the thing though - far from being a syndrome ‘imposterism’ (feeling like you are not good, or qualified enough for the roles and situations that you are in) is increasingly becoming a pandemic of its own!!

In fact recent research suggests that before Covid-19 nearly 75% of us felt like an imposter at some point in our lives. 🤔

But here’s the rub - it’s getting worse! 👎🏼. The reason being… seismic shifts and uncertainties caused by the pandemic years has taken its emotional toll on us - especially if you are a leader.

So, what can you do to turn around, or treat those feelings of being an imposter?

I don’t know but Neuroscientist Dr Iain Price does. 🤷‍♂️

We explore…

Is Imposter Syndrome even a syndrome? And how long has it been around?

How is it linked to mental health and wellbeing?

How can you treat imposterism?

What is the best and worst thing you can do about imposterism?

What’s the opposite of imposterism and is that better?

This and a whole lot more.

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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