Sound Employment Legal Advice With No Sentimental Tosh

Tuesday 07th Jun 2022

Oi, Oi People, In this week’s Leaders Live…

I am hanging out with my friend, Managing Director of Astute Law Ltd and highly accomplished professional lawyer, Thushara Polpitiye (known as Tosh).

We will be chatting about - ‘Sound Employment Legal Advice With No Sentimental Tosh’.

Tosh has a dynamic, get it sorted, no nonsense, and easy to understand approach. This makes him very engaging and persuasive.

QUICK TEASER… I asked Tosh, “what are the most common every day legal related business questions you get asked by people in the workplace”?

His reply… There are two side to this coin: On the one side you have the Leaders and Business Owners point of view such as, how do I:
1. go about firing people?
2. recruit & hire correctly?
3. keep good people?
On the other side, you have the employee point of view, how do I:
1. protect my self from unfair dismissal? What are my rights?
2. is this contract I’m about to sign fair for me too?
3. deal with being undervalued, or bullied at work?
Standing back, as a responsible Business Leader it’s useful to look at both sides of the coin.

We will explore…

1. How do you fire someone nicely?
2. How to hire someone correctly
3. How to value employees so they stay?
4. Also, Tosh will answer your own real employment issues and questions during the show. So come prepared with your questions too.

This and a whole lot more. We can’t wait!

So what’s not to like? Come along and join in the fun.

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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