Shining A Light On Great Leadership – avoid the dark triad of leadership

Tuesday 19th Oct 2021

With leadership expert Steve smith

You won’t want to miss this Leaders Live
Steve is a founder, tutor, board member, author and a Business Doctors Advisor- a business support network dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses thrive and achieve their vision.

It is said, that in each one of us two wolves exist, and eternally fight each other: Dark Wolf, and Light Wolf, but which one wins you may ask? Perhaps it might be the one you feed?

Find out by coming along to this Leaders Live stream!

We will explore:
* What is leadership and what does it really mean and stand for?
* What are the foundations of leadership, what does it boil down to?
* What is the ‘Dark Side’ of leadership and how does it show up?
* And how do we counter the dark side of leadership?
* And what about that old chestnut - the imposter syndrome that so many of us suffer from?

This and a whole lot more.
We can’t wait!
Be there or be square folks…

BTW, Steve’s FREEBIE giveaway will be 5-FREE signed copies of his latest book - Leadership Levity and the power of Baked Alaska for the first 5 people to respond in the comments on the LinkedIn live event at the end of the live stream show.

Leaders Live Breakfast Show is set up to ‘edu-tain’, and explore HPT topics via an informal, fun, back ‘n forth with interesting people, to help raise awareness of the importance of the People-Factor in this rapidly changing world.

Leaders Live motto is utilising - I to the power of WE.

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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