How To Practise Energy Breath-Work In The Office – Nevsah Karamehmet

Tuesday 14th Jun 2022

Oi, Oi People, In this week’s Leaders Live…

I’ll be hanging out with Nevsah Karamehmet, CEO of Breath Hub & Nevsah Institute, & Philanthropist, dedicated to NEXT LEVEL HUMANS

We will be chatting about - How To Practise Energy Breath-Work In The Office.

They say that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

But the problem is… If you don’t control your breath, then your breath controls you - so you won’t be in a place to experience the beauty of those breath taking moments. Instead you get left with negative states of mind that generate friction, tension, anxiety, frustration, fatigue, and ultimately longer term, even illness.

However, Nevsah and her team have a nifty solution to all this… They teach how to use breath-work to create powerful ways to manage your thoughts, mind, emotions, and especially imbalances in your body. This is especially true in today’s workplaces - therefore having breath-work training in the office offers many mental, emotional, and physical health benefits to help us all to better manage our busy stressful jobs.

So why should we pay attention?

Well we will explore…
1. What has our ‘uncontrolled’ breathing got to do with setting up stress and anxiety in our working lives?
2. How does Breath-Work training rebalance our well-being states of mind?
3. What simple practical steps can we apply to improve our own well-being using Breath-Work?
4. What’s involved in Breath-Work Training and how can it be applied in your workplace?
5. Plenty of opportunity to interact and ask Nevsah questions too!

I don’t know,🤷🏼‍♂️ but Nevsah does, and she will tell us all on Tuesday! 👍🏼

This and a whole lot more. We can’t wait!

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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