How To Improve Your Workplace Well-Being Using DISC

Tuesday 16th Aug 2022

Elaine Godley, former CEO and COO and now an award-winning Health and Wellbeing Mentor and expert in the DISC behaviour model in a unique way - to create healthy businesses and recovery burn out. We chat about… Improve Your Workplace Well-Being Using DISC


How does using Elaine’s unique DISC approach help to improve your peoples’ mental health and wellbeing, as well as physical wellbeing?

And, how does investing in this approach make sense for your Business to function in better and healthier ways?


Todays fast and furious Business in our tech driven busy, busy busy environment, can leave us all needing time out to rebalance and recover - particularly in the holiday season breaks. Inevitably such fast paced work has a real impact on you as leaders, or managers, as well as your teams.

Now, Elaine - she knows a thing or two about managing healthy behaviour in todays busy business environments and workplaces.

Elaine’s credentials… Well, she’s beaten off 4 cancers, cured herself of kidney disease and has first hand experience of burning out too.

Elaine argues that when you as business leaders and managers practically understand simple but powerful ways how you can better support your people according to their natural behavioural style then everyone benefits - the Business, employees, better teamwork, AND of course boosted bottom line profits.

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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