Cyber Essentials For Dummies – How to survive the Wild West of Cyberspace

Tuesday 08th Nov 2022

Owen Conti, CEO of IT company - Code 56 and cyber security guru. We chat about
Cyber Essentials for Dummies: How to survive the ‘Wild West’ of Cyberspace

Owen brings his experience from helping detect internal fraud in financial institutions, right through to living and breathing in the UK Small Business community and gives a run down of how to protect your Business from Cyber Crime.

Have you or your Business been a victim of cyber crime?
How do you keep up with the never ending compromised passwords warnings and security updates?

With more and more organised and complex crime turning to the internet to find their victims, Owen from Code 56 will give us the run down of how to protect ourselves, and our businesses, in the wild west of Cyberspace.

Why should your pay attention to this?
Well, as leaders and business owners you simply can’t just bury your head in the sand here - you have to take responsibility to face the brutal facts of cybersecurity to avoid becoming its next cyber attack victim.

Bottom line - these threats are real and a very present danger folks.

We explore…
*The UK Gov "Cyber Essentials" scheme - is it really worth it?
*What's the worst that could happen if I ignore all of this Cyber stuff?
*How do max my business benefit by levelling up my IT investment?

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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