CRYPTO 101: Cryptocurrency Investments For Dummies

Tuesday 11th Oct 2022

Sophia Shluger Crypto Expert, Angel Investor and past European MD. We chat about CRYPTO 101: cryptocurrency investments for dummies.

Sophia Shluger will help us all to bring CRYPTO to life and understand this fascinating digital investment opportunity (or not) a little better.

Simply stated, a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and Etherium etc, is a new form of digital money (asset). And what sets Crypto apart is the real cool tech and philosophy behind them.

But you may say, “I only care about how much money is in my wallet and that I can spend on my credit cards” - right?

However, today the world’s money systems are way outdated - middlemen, bank charges etc make traditional money expensive and slow. Also literally half the planet’s people can’t access traditional financial services.
So can Cryptocurrencies solve these problems and give humanity more benefits?

Over the last decade, more business owners and investors now have some level of interest in cryptocurrencies. For example, some early adopters have already dipped their toes into Crypto investments despite its breathtaking white-knuckle rollercoaster-ride-risks.

BUT despite this level of interest, many people find the whole ‘crypto-tech thing’ mind-blowingly confusing.

Sophia Shluger brings this the whole 'crypto-thing' to life to help you understand this fascinating digital investment opportunity (or not) a little better.

Listen to this on podcast here…

Listen to this on podcast here…

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