Operating Agreement

How Leaders Live Helps You, Our Community and Leaders Live To Generate New Business

Here are our Terms & Conditions about our agreement with you and what we expect from you to agree with us at Leaders Live. We have also included our Show Guidelines and TechCheck details for preparation towards the show.

Firstly, thank you for accepting our invite to be a hang out guest, an active community participant, or as a Get To Know U In 5 Slot guest on Leaders Live.

This is a vibrant, growing interactive show. That people love participating in. Live streaming is also a growing trend and they have a life of their own.

Please bare in mind that this show is more than just a friendly cosy chat. Instead it is all about edutainment to provide New Business Generation for you and your Business that our community participants (as well as many others watching the replays or listening to the Podcast) may find useful, interesting and beneficial.

As Leaders Live, we do all the heavy lifting for you marketing-wise, but we will need your active assistance too. 

Typically people buy from people they like and have engaged with. We have found that the Leaders Live environment we create helps you to win business from our continually growing community participants and others that watch or listen to the replays and Podcasts etc.

Whilst the show is FREE of charge to all participants and there are no speakers fees, there exist mutual business benefits for all of us as participants in the Leaders Live community.

Before we outline the mutual benefits, here’s a quick word on what’s the purpose and ‘THE WHY’ with Leaders Live?

Our Why…

It all starts with the idea and passion that: you are more than you think!

Leaders Live is building a community of like-minded folk as well as building better businesses. 

Put simply we are the talk show that generates Business. 

The Motto here  is ‘I to the power of we’ and our focus is that people matter.  

So, Leaders Live is a freely available ‘edutaining’ expression of this. 

ANYONE can join in, and enjoy taking part in extraordinary conversations. However, our target is mainly SME Business Owners, Directors, Managers, Leaders and Senior Decision Makers. We do have some fantastic notable specialists and experts as part of our community, but we are not a forum for Self Employed Freelancers.

And through simple approach we aim to subtly promote you, your ideas as well as your products and services provided within our community of participants and our hang out guests (and wider afield too).

We also provide inspiration, motivation, new ideas and soft skills development for your company to make a difference to your staff and customers, as well as make the world better too.

We want to bring a spirit of freedom, joy and fun through a feel good factor in all of our working lives.

Social Media

We have built a good system to promote you and all our Leaders Live events extensively – particularly via LinkedIn (our platform of choice). Andrew Jenkins has a large network of 30K+ 1st connections. We also schedule the event to broadcast live on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and on our Leaders Live website.

We are also gearing up for email campaigns as of writing this.

Where Leaders Live Is Heading…

We have been consistently delivering weekly shows now since May 2021. We know what we are doing now.

Our Leaders Live Advisory Board Team are supporting us to now take Leaders Live to the next level.

To this end we are beginning the process of setting up Leaders Live as it’s own stand alone Business entity with its own Business Model based on becoming an edutainment, networking and lead generation Business that benefits your Businesses and all our community participants (as well as your connections and the wider LinkedIn community).

This is very exciting.

In the coming months we plan to create new features to add into the show and new events to continue to add even more business value to our growing community.

Who we invite as guests…

If you are a hang out guest, or A Get To Know U In 5 guest, or an invitee you have been deliberately invited to our weekly event because you are a Business Leader with expertise and experience that adds value to benefit you, your Business, and our community (and other watchers and listeners).

Our primary outcome is to help you to get new business too as a result of being on, or part of a Leaders Live show and being amongst its growing business community on the Leaders Live show and other future services we plan to offer as we evolve as well.

As a result we as a Leaders Live Business will benefit as well.

A couple of examples are through sponsorship deals, and introduction kick-back fees. See details later on below.

Meet The Leaders Live Team…

Andrew Jenkins is Leaders Live founder, and will be your host during the show. Andrew will also be your main point of contact.

Marketing CX are our Marketing Team supporting our ongoing growth. Berdine Hugo and Tilly Davies are both members of Marketing CX and act as our moderators as well as behind the scenes professional marketing support for us at Leaders Live. This is an important role as the moderator supports, controls and boosts the interaction during the show in the comments feed. The moderator also adds all the various useful Business links to the feed for participants to refer to.

Andrew, Berdine and Tilly work together to build up the show and promote guests, Business etc on your behalf in a professional manner.

So far Leaders Live has successfully and consistently delivered over 62+ shows week on week. So we are good at what we do.

Leaders Live Is Building A Community Of Business Owners, Leaders and Top Senior Decision Makers …

The Community…

As already mentioned, typically our community is increasingly being made up of more Business Owners, CEOs and senior Leaders of SME Businesses.

We personally hand pick and invite around a 1000+ selected business contacts based on the above criteria to every weekly show. 

We, as Leaders Live are actively generating new leads week on week to extend our live audience. As mentioned above, we are also gearing up our email campaigns to run along side our LinkedIn and other Social Media activities.

On our Live shows we are constantly growing, and typically we consistently get between 25-40+ live participants week on week. That is quite remarkable in itself. 

But we aim to go much further and keep growing this to 100 + over 2022/3. For live these numbers are exceptional and that doesn’t include the replays and podcasts. Generally the video replays and audio podcasts keep on giving for months. 

How Leaders Live Promotes You As A Hang Out Guest…

To this end, during the week before the next Leaders Live event we are busy focusing on the build up to this event for you. We actively promote you via the Leaders Live show extensively, and afterwards too before we start this on the following week’s promo. We have found that an intense focused and targeted weekly build-up works best for engagement to the show, rather than advertising the event several weeks ahead.

In addition, there is the replay and podcasts (on all main channels) of the show as mentioned above and this keeps on giving for many weeks and months from the original show.

What this means to you as a hang out guest in terms of promo build-up and building up the event invitee list is…

    1. You get a shout out at the end of the Leaders Live show on the week before your event.
    2. Scheduled Event Announcement Post with your name tagged on all major social media platforms – principally LinkedIn. Typically prepared for Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.
    3. Any flyers of your own products and services etc will be actively included promoted for you.
    4. We will agree Any Freebies, discounts and discount codes to Leaders Live community participants and our kickback fee for any intro | lead fees – see below.
    5. Daily follow up posts building up to the event, including popular polls related to your subject to gather interest and data. Again your name is tagged. We have found our system works well to attract invitees, your connections, and other interested people to the show.
    6. A short trailer video with your tagged name will go out live and you can participate in the trailer too if you wish.
    7. You will be advertised in our regular Newsletter that goes to 6,000 people on LinkedIn – that’s a massive list as well as email campaigns we are working on.
    8. On the live event itself we promote you via your CTA, any flyers and live links in the comments thread as we go.
    9. Our live audience are very interactive on the feed – generally we consistently get between 100 – 120 + comments during the live
    10. Post-event, we promo short 60-clips of pertinent snippets from the show – at least two and any flyers will continue to be drip fed via posts..
    11. You will most likely be invited to do subsequent shows as well. Many guests come on several times in the year. So you get the whole above process all over again.
    12. The video replay keeps on giving too.
    13. The podcast is made available 24-48 hours after the show.
    14. Your Business along with your name and contact details will be added to our Leaders Live website on our partners page.

What’s not to like 👍🏽?

What Leaders Live Needs You To Do As A Hang Out Guest…

To promote you effectively we need you to be actively involved too…

The week leading up to your event is very focused and we need you to actively participate too.

A week before your Leaders Live Guest Hang Out on Tuesday morning at 08:45 (UK time) we will be starting up the promo for you and every day from Thursday to the following Tuesday we build-up to your Leaders Live show.

As mentioned above, this starts with us shouting you out the Tuesday Leaders Live show before your event (the following week). 

So, well in advance of this we will need from you the following:-

A sexy shortish title. From there the team create the anchor eye catching header visual graphic tile.

4-5 engaging and interesting questions from you would like the host, Andrew Jenkins, to ask you during your guest hangout chat.

We need a short paragraph that the team can adapt as content to shape the promo.

The questions and title and short paragraph you provide enables the team to build a high quality teaser that will support the event and subsequent promotion.

Lastly, the team need two additional simple questions for you to ask the live audience on the day. The team use this to get the interaction kick started on the live show.

These items form the underlying structure to your hang out chat during the live show as well.

The team then work together with you and the audience to maximise the interaction in the comments feed during the live show.

Our community regularly share the forthcoming event to their networks too.

Next – We Need You As A Hang Out Guest To Actively Invite Your LinkedIn 1st Connection Network…

This is an important activity…

As already mentioned the team actively promote the scheduled event to a large and growing network on our side.

Once the event is scheduled on Wednesday evening | Thursday morning we need you to invite your LinkedIn Connection Business Owner contacts to the event as well. These are 1st contacts which you want to gain Business from – not just a friendly face. Remember that this show is not just a friendly chat but all about mutual New Business Generation for you and Leaders Live

N.B — There is an invite button on the LinkedIn event – you use that to add your 1st connection invitees directly into the event.

We suggest you invite as many as possible (typically other hang out guests invite around 60-200+).

Introduction Kick-Back Lead | Intro Fees To Leaders Live…

This section applies to hang out guests, Get To Know U In 5 Slot guests and all community participants.

Typically, our community is very proactive, and this generally means you, as a hang out guest, or a Get To Know U In 5 Slot guest, or as a community participant may very well be contacted for potential Business by any of our community participants or further afield too from people watching the replay or listening to the Podcast etc.

As part of this we are therefore requesting that any business you directly obtain as a result of being a guest on Leaders Live provides Leaders Live with a one off lead or kick-back fee of 15% for each new piece of business you obtain via the show and it’s content.

This fee is for the first piece of work from each client or customer you get from Leaders Live only. Repeat business, thereafter will NOT incur any further kick-back fees.

Such transactions are done on a trust, honesty ‘gentleman’s agreement’ basis between professionals. We believe that this is fair and reasonable.

Here are a few examples…

(We are adding new examples regularly to this list as new variations come to light as we get more exposure to different scenarios)

Let’s say are a hang out guest, Get To Know You In 5 Slot guest, or as a community participant you get 2 pieces of work at say £1000 + VAT each from two new clients | customers (community participants or having watched Leaders Live) who then subsequently contacted you having watched or listened to the Leaders Live show then gave you business – would mean that a Leaders Live intro | lead kick-back fee would apply.

Therefore, you would pay Leaders Live a £150 + VAT (15%) for each client as an initial introduction fee. So for this example you would pay Leaders Live a total of £300 + VAT. Any subsequent repeat work will not incur any further fees.

As another example – say you pick up a contract worth say £250 + VAT PCM (Per Calendar Month)…

For a 3-month contract the kick-back fee would be 15% payable as a one off on your first months fee. In this case kick back to Leaders Live as an Intro fee would be £38 + VAT.

For a 6-month contract the kick-back fee would be 25% payable as a one off on your first months fee. In this case kick back to Leaders Live as an Intro fee would be £63 + VAT.

For a 9-month contract the kick-back fee would be 35% payable as a one off on your first months fee. In this case kick back to Leaders Live as an Intro fee would be £88 + VAT.

For a 12-month contract the kick-back fee would be 45% payable as a one off on your first months fee. In this case kick back to Leaders Live as an Intro fee would be £113 + VAT.

Kick-back fees also applies to business I receive from your network as a result of you being on the show too. So it goes both ways.

Before the live show we will discuss kick-back intro lead fees with you as a hangout guest or as a Get To Know U In 5 Slot guest to agree amounts and iron-out any questions or wrinkles etc.

We will also agree any freebies and discounts to be applied with a Leaders Live code as an incentive for our community participants to buy your services and or products.

As another ‘real example’ of discounts and discount codes from Leaders Live, one hang out guest recently offered a 12-week online leadership development course to the Leaders Live Community retailing at £695 at £495 for our community participants – a generous discount rate. In addition Leaders live also receives £75 (15%) for each course sold.

For very large sums of money, say for contracts or services over £8,000 and above we will settle on a mutually agreeable fair amount as the kick back lead intro fee.

Leaders Live Community Membership

Leaders Live is a FREE show and behind the scenes there is a huge amount of work that goes into to pull off a high quality weekly show. So to show appreciation and support, community participants can voluntarily become a Leaders Live Community Member. This concept is still new as an offering.For £20 PCM, or £200 PA (20% discount) payable as a Business expense for community participants enables anyone to become a Leaders Live Community Member.

This unlocks additional privileges…

    1. Kick-back fees are reduced to 10% (normally this is 15%). One small piece of work therefore pays for itself.
    2. All my Exec Coaching, Leadership Facilitation, Team Building fees, and my NLP Diplomas for Business and my Developing High Performance Teams online or in person programmes are all offered to your Business at a 15% reduction simply by quoting the LeadersLive code. For any of these this may give you £1000s saving straight away through the discount alone. Thereby covering your membership fee many times over.

Membership fees for the time being are collected via BuyMeACoffee.Com


In addition, using the above link there is another simple and fun link that any community participant on the live stream show can also elect to use – Buy Me A Coffee (It’s a virtual coffee) and is a simple way participants watching the show who like what they have received during the show, can show appreciation, and say thank you by buying me a virtual coffee.

Each ‘ virtual coffee’ is priced at £5 and all accumulated money collected gets reinvested back in the show to purchase new kit.

This link is advertised too during the show.

After 5 ‘ virtual coffee’ purchases entitles you to 25-mins free of charge coaching consultation with myself.

Sponsorship & Specific Showcase Event Hosting

We are being approached by many Businesses that can see the tangible benefit of their brand being associated to our Leaders Live shows by requesting to become Leaders Live Sponsors.

For example, our current sponsorship ‘powered by’ partner is with YourDMS.

So, if you are interested in powering Leaders Live, by being our sponsors in the future, then we are always open to such conversations. We only have one sponsor at a time on a 4- month rolling contract.

In addition, in the coming months we are designing new content for special one off sponsored events that are specifically designed to showcase your Business and your products and services to our growing community and beyond. This gives you the opportunity to one off sponsored events as well as becoming a long term ‘powered by’ main Leaders Live sponsor.

Please chat to us about these fantastic sponsorship and membership opportunities and how we can host an event around your brand.

Communication expectations for Hang Out Guest during the Leaders Live show build up…

As mentioned, the week leading up to your event is very focused. The Leaders Live team will communicate with you step by step of the sequence of the build up to the event itself.

Typically we use WhatsApp to do this and we will keep you informed of progress every day and what we need from you.

We will send you the promo teaser that supports the scheduled event to ensure you are happy with it before it gets published. We will also design a poll with you to start stimulating interest and engagement to the event and so on.

Please respond to WhatsApp messages promptly and focus on this as an important event, as we need to work with you in a short space of time to maximise the promo for you and your Business. The more you are proactive with us, the better the event

Sometime after the event we will follow up with you too.


Post-show, we would love a testimonial from you about you experience of being a hang-out guest on Leaders Live and it’s benefits to you.

Andrew Jenkins will reciprocate too.

We hope that this text has been helpful for you and thank you again for being a hang out guest, community participant, or Get To Know U In 5 Slot guest with Leaders Live.

Everyone of our hang-out and Get To Know U sin 5 Slot guests has told us how stimulating and fun it was and that they really enjoyed participating.

Finally, we look forward to promoting you during the show’s build up and of course the show itself, and sharing in the mutual business benefits with you thereafter.

So please give us the attention and focus our Leaders Live events deserve for you.

It’s A Live Event & Things Can Go Wonky

Leaders Live events are amazing and fast paced as is the nature of live streaming.

There is a huge amount of tech and complexity all working together to make a live stream hang together and work over an hours broadcast. Multi-streaming simultaneously to several social media platforms and websites means glitches happen and inevitably things can on occasion go wonky.

Our audience and community participants understand and accept this is a consequence of the ‘going live dynamic and vibe’ and are very benevolent and empathetic when things go wrong. They accept the vagaries of the internet etc. The same goes for out hang out guest etc.

Door bells and phones ring, dogs bark, helicopters 🚁 flyby and lawns get mowed etc. Not to mention pets and family that make unexpected appearances. This IS the charm of going live. So please don’t take it too seriously and if things go wrong then it is what it is. Remember it’s a fun hang out that is tremendous fun and highly engaging.

As we’ve all experienced during the pandemic, using VC, can have its issues on the day.

Very occasionally, internet connections, yours, or ours fail, live connections can drop out suddenly, and logins inexplicably fail to work on the day.

We do work very hard at making sure we have invested in the right robust tech and we test thoroughly to minimise this, but there are no rock-solid guarantees.

Whilst glitches are far and few between they can happen, it’s ‘live baby’, as we say, so please go with the flow on the day as they say.

Preparing for the show…

General Hang Out Guest Guidelines

Remember that Leaders Live is ‘edutainment’, we are ‘hanging out’, chatting in a warm, friendly, ‘back and forth’ style, so come with a light hearted mindset and a desire to have fun. Smiling and laughing is part of the show.

It’s like passing the batten back and forth I pass it to you, you pass it to me.

Please avoid taking over, remember it’s a two way conversation, I will also build on what you are saying. I don’t want to have to interrupt you, but may do so ONLY if necessary.

Involve the audience too in what you are saying, feel free to ask them questions and for input too – I will do the same as well. We will also agree questions ahead of time to get the audience involved straight away during the live stream.

This makes it more engaging.

Please avoid any swear words to respect social media platform protocols for live streaming. Sometimes they come up anyway, and if they do I will make a joke of it, and that is fine.

We will pause to pick up comments as we go along – we typically get a 100+ comments made during a live show (see moderator below).

We go live at 08:45 to 09:45 – the time goes real quick indeed.

We will be streaming live on LinkedIn, 2 x Facebook groups, my Facebook profile and PDX Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.

Recently we’ve added the ability to watch the live broadcast of Leaders Live for my website

Principle audience is on LinkedIn where the event is managed and grown and extensively advertised .

By all means have a cup of coffee, tea or water with you and make sure you have had a pee (haha).


After the event we repurpose the video feed and convert it to audio and we publish the show on Anchor fm (This is our primary platform). From there Anchor automatically distributes the show to Apple, Spotify and Google.


There is a moderator on the call – Berdine Hugo or Tilly Davies and either will monitor and engage in the chat on LinkedIn

Moderators also get a copy of the questions and any questions we want to ask the audience ahead of time to stimulate interaction.

Berdine’s LinkedIn profile is – linkedin.com/in/berdine-hugo

Tilly’s Linked profile is – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tillydavies/

Green Screens

If you use a green, please send me the background you want as a jpeg at least a day or so ahead of the session so I can build it into the scenes in readiness. We will need extra time to test this so, please factor this in – takes around a 15-min test – best done ahead of the day.

Useful Links…


PLEASE, please, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel – https://lnkd.in/dcHFqT9i

LinkedIn Leaders Live Group


The TechCheck – IMPORTANT

Please use this link to enter into my broadcast software
https://guest.ecamm.live/c4fbb41d7 tbc before the event

Please be there at 08:30 sharp to give us 15-mins to check audio and video and brightness and to settle in before we go live. This is important so please don’t give me kittens by being late (J).

Please reboot your computer the night before so it is as clean as possible for the morning (it is amazing how important this is as many tech glitches can be avoided simply by rebooting the night before. DON”T do this just before 08:30 as I need you on time and not having to wait for you to reboot your computer – thank you in advance.

Please have a good wifi connection – live streaming is very resource hungry. A wired connection is the best gold standard. Close all other apps and set your phone on 4G (5G). Make sure no other devices (and family members) are using your broadband WIFI connection while you are on live.

Check your internet speed here…

** This is important

Please check your internet speed using this free test url…
Please do this on the evening before and the morning just before you log on.


Your Computer

Please use a computer, or laptop, as these have the resources necessary to broadcast from. Avoid going live on phones and tablets, they do not have the available power to keep going for the time we are broadcasting live – we have used them in emergencies though.

Make sure your phone is on silent and do not disturb and take off the WiFi. 


Please make sure you have the latest Safari or Chrome browser version and update it if you haven’t the night before.

Please make sure you have good lighting too.


Please wear (or have at the ready) wired earphones / plugs without a built in mic 🎙 – audio is notoriously very complex and can sometimes lead to echo issues if you are not wearing earphones.

This is important because if there is an echo, and I can’t resolve it my end, it may result in the show having to be rescheduled. Sometimes this can’t be helped, but wearing earphones go a long way to avoiding audio echo issues. Thank you.

Use the mic on your computer or bespoke mic 🎙

Please make sure you have tested your sound settings in your computer’s control panel for audio before hand.

If you want to I am happy to hook up the night before to test these. This really helps.

Tech check test with me night before…

Let’s jump on line for a few minutes the night before is very useful to check that all is well and your system and audio and lighting etc is stable and adequate. before doing so please make sure you computer is rebooted. We will be able check internet stability too – that way we are all well prepared for the next morning’s show.

Here’s the link again…



WhatsApp is really useful tool for us to communicate to each other prior to going live so please check your WhatsApp messages regularly during the build up and the morning of the show.

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